We are now seeking short submission pitches for the next issue of the ACT Writers Centre's BITE magazine, themed ‘journeys'.

Pitches should be one or two paragraphs, describing what you would like to write about and the approximate length of the proposed article. Limited opportunities will also be available for illustrators to be published in the next issue of BITE. 

The next issue is planned for release in the second half of 2017, and we are now calling out for submissions from local emerging or established authors. We will respond to pitches in the first two weeks of June.

Categories include:
  • Lit scene spotlight—tell us about your Canberra-based writing group or organisation (up to 400 words).
  • Feature articles—reflecting on the craft of writing or critical thinking in relation to the theme (up to 800 words).
  • Interview/profile—based on the craft or business of writing and conducted specifically for BITE Magazine (up to 800 words).
  • Local author extracts—if your book (fiction/nonfiction) has been published in the last year, let us know (up to 2,000 words).
  • Illustration—please submit a short description of your work and what you'd be interested in illustrating.
For information about the magazine and guidelines, click here.
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